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Bissell's Little Green Machine

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Today, I have a mission. It may not work out at all. but I will try. I have the Bissell's Little Green Machine (found it while scrolling through TikTok). It has saved my carpet countless of times, from coffee spills, accidents, and mud. Today, I have a much bigger job for it. The dog's couch!

Many chew toys have been chewed, and many naps have been taken on this disgusting couch! They love it! It was recently a refuge for an escapee during bath time. Gradually, Duke and Hank have made this couch super gross!

I have included Before and Right After photos of the couch below. Tomorrow, I will post the Final Result photo, showing the couch completely dried. I can already tell it smells a lot better!

Click here to get your own Little Green Machine.



Right After

The Final Result

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