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Doggo Ramp: The Best Dog Ramp! Duke and Hank Approved!

Today I wanted to give my review on Doggo Ramps! I had just purchased a mattress with a bed frame and added a four-inch foam topper. This made the height of my bed 34 inches. Duke had no problem jumping on the bed, like a cat! One morning, Duke had jumped off of the bed and I heard him softly whimper. He was walking fine afterwards, but I decided he needed a ramp immediately! The search for a dog ramp began!

I was afraid that a plastic ramp would move and not be sturdy. I started looking into adjustable hardwood ramps and found Doggo Ramps. I am so glad that I did! They are beautifully made and took little time to set up. Their product is American-made, and the best quality that I could find. There are different, beautiful colors to choose from, and they come with a training video, which I didn't even need! Fearless Hank took to the ramp right away, and Duke soon followed suit on that same day. The ramp also includes security bars. I didn't use them because I have the ramp placed along the wall. As you can see in the videos below, both of my boys are happy using the ramp and I have better peace of mind.

Click here to get your Doggo Ramp!

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