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Introduction: The Golden Boys

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

I'm excited to introduce my two boys, Duke and Hank! Duke is my oldest so I will start with his introduction first. Duke is my seven-years-old-no-thoughts-just-vibes-golden-boy. He is my first Golden Retriever, and I will just say that nothing could have prepared me for the puppy stage!!!! He liked women's shoes, he was into makeup, and he tried to shave his leg once (that I know of)!

I remember one night, I had just gotten home from work and opened my front door to be greeted by my Sheltie, which was typical. Then I see two-months-old-Duke, trotting from around the corner. The first words out of my mouth were "Oh [enter explicit language here]!" He somehow Hudinied his way out of his crate and had all afternoon to destroy three pairs of shoes, shred toilet paper, pee in my make up bag, and chew up eyeliner pencils. Then I found my razor destroyed! I cringe thinking about it!!!!

The next night, I was stuck at work for over an hour from the time I was supposed to leave, and on my way home, I didn't know that I was speeding, because all I was thinking about was what fresh hell awaits for me when I get there! I was then pulled over by a sheriff and given a $180 speeding ticket. At the time, I was too embarrassed to explain that I was just trying to get home to a devil pup from hell!!!! It was just the cherry on top of my terrible day.

He has since matured into a such an angel. He enjoys the finer things in life, such as taking baths and long walks on the beach. Oh, and he's a Scorpio! He has so many funny quirks about him. He watches TV and his favorite movie is "Ice Age". He expects his face to be washed every night and will not leave the bathroom until I do it! He likes to carry groceries into the kitchen after he pokes his head inside all of the bags. He helps carry laundry to the washer. He is there by my side if I drop something.

Don't underestimate the words Velcro Dog! Wherever I am, he is normally by my feet, or he is on my hip when I'm sitting on the couch. He did turn out to be such a great dog that I forgot all about the puppy stage. And what do people do when they forget about the puppy stage? They get another puppy! That is how I got my pandemic puppy, Hank.

Hank's story......

I brought Hank home on what would have been my grandfather's birthday. I named him Henry after my grandfather, but I call him Hank for short. Hank is all Taurus! He was a feisty puppy, which my grandmother says was one of my grandfather's traits back when he was a young Marine. My grandfather was a retired 1st Sargent in the Marine Corps.

Hank is seven months old now, and he is the sweetest boy. He is still very mischievous, and he is still trying to challenge me when I crate him at night. Trust is earned, not given. So, I must chase him one lap around

the dining room table at night before he high tails it into "his house". Tonight, we added another lap. Probably homage for his "indestructible" parrot squeaky toy that went in the trash because he destroyed it earlier today! At this moment, Hank is nudging my arm as I'm typing because attention is not on him and that's wrong!

If you are enjoying my blog, then stay tuned because I will never run out of content with these two.

I will try post at least every Friday. If you want me to post more, you can either email me at or stop by my Facebook page Both are linked on my homepage.

Thank you so much for reading my first blog, and until next time, Cheers!

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